I am happy to announce that today, little more than a year after the start, the blog reached 100.000 visitors. I would like to thank you for all the people who visited, commented and helped the evolution of the site!

Again, there was quite a pause in the flow of articles. This is because I’m currently working on a project that consumes most of my spare time and unfortunately takes away time from the update of the blog as well. I would like to take the opportunity and say a few words about this project…

During the last month I worked on the development of an Android game that I plan to release in the near future. It is my first serious try in developing games for handhelds and I hope people will like it. Unfortunately, I’m also one of those fanatic developers who were always interested in game development and always targeted the high end PC gaming industry.

Like many fellow developers, despite my knowledge and enthusiasm, I also struggled with lack of resources, especially considering non-programming related stuff like artwork, which resulted in several partly finished but abandoned projects. This is the reason why I finally settled down in first concentrating on less-demanding yet interesting portions of the industry: mobile game development.

While making games for mobile platforms is usually less ground-breaking and revolutionary, at least I can finally publish something to the end-users in the hope that the gathered experience and notoriety may enable me to target also PC gaming in the future. But this is not all about it… In fact, despite the difficulty of targeting an embedded platform, developing games for phones is great fun and I can advise it to every developer to at least try it out.

Stay tuned for news about the project, especially if you own an Android phone!