Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !!

After a quite long, about two months intermission, let me celebrate for a moment the birthday of the blog. It was roughly a year ago that I started the RasterGrid Blogosphere with the wish to have a forum where I can share my experience and ideas with others. Meanwhile, I posted several programming related articles about graphics, multiprocessing and published a few demo applications. However, this is not the best part of it… The thing that I’m most proud of is that the blog now has many returning visitors whom I was somehow able to help and that I’ve received a lot of feedback and ideas from you. I’m especially pleased because the list of people who contacted me via the comments section or via e-mail contains several great personalities of the industry with who I wouldn’t be able to meet if I would not start this project. Thank you all for this!

I’m really happy to announce that I will continue to bring you topics in the second season of the RasterGrid Blogosphere.

Most probably you’ve noticed that I haven’t written for a while. Sorry for that, sometimes it is really difficult to allocate time to sit down and write, especially because I always tried to focus on quality, what I hope I more or less did. I also wanted to publish much more demonstration applications but making these even takes more time than just writing. Actually many topics have been dropped from the content of the previous year just because they would have been valuable only if they would be accompanied by source code as well.

Now let’s not talk anymore about the past, let’s concentrate what will come in 2011. While I don’t want to make any more promises about average number of posts per month as it didn’t work in the past either, I still would like to indicate about what I will write.

As you may observed, even though the blog was started as a general programming related blog, at the end I could not deny myself and it ended up in more like a graphics programming blog. Sorry for that if you expected more general programming articles as I will most probably continue in this fashion in the new year having the following key topics:

  • More advanced graphics programming articles with focus on OpenGL 3+ and possibly on OpenGL ES and DX11.
  • More graphics demos showcasing advanced rendering techniques, focusing more on OpenGL 4+ functionality.
  • New! More tutorial-style articles about less-complicated graphics topics after seeing the popularity of my article written about Gaussian blur. Those who read my curriculum vitae know that besides working at Nokia Siemens Networks, I’m doing my master degree about computer graphics and image processing. Meanwhile, I had to make a few programming exercises related to computer geometry and signal processing and as they are quite basic ones that showcase a particular topic I would like to share these codes with you as well as part of the tutorial sessions.
  • New! Another new thing that will come with the new year that is based on your, the reader’s request is the new Tools category that will contain articles about various development tools, especially focusing on applications and libraries that ease and assist OpenGL development.
  • As time will allow and as inspiration will be available, I will write also about general programming related articles. The following domains are on my wish-list: OO patterns “why” and “when”s, more unit testing, asynchronous pipelines and other multiprocessing models, etc.

Of course, the list is not something written in stone, every idea is welcomed!

Thanks again for your attendance and interest so far!