I am proud to announce that the number of visits has just gone over 10000. I would like to share that I haven’t expected such a great success in less than two months. I can hardly thank this enough to all my occasional and especially for my returning visitors!

When I’ve started to write this blog my primary intension was to share my knowledge and ideas, no matter if they are legitimate enough or not. I did this in the hope that the articles on this blog may help others. At the end, it turned out that me myself learned from it a lot as, thanks to You, I’ve got great improvement ideas and feedback about my writings.

During the last two months I’ve came up with articles that brought various feelings out of the Reader. I’ve met exhortatory comments that gave me great power to continue the progress. Sometimes also faced conflicts due to different points of view and opinion, but I think those were also very edifying for both me and others. Also, one of my best experiences were when You came up with excellent improvement ideas regarding to the presented source code or whatever. The only thing I feel sorry for is that I haven’t had sufficient time to write further articles. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that it will change in the future but I will do my best, and I hope the quality and the utility of my articles will improve over time.

As it turned out that a schedule of 2-3 articles per week rendered being impossible to fit in my time-frame, I will most probably try to stick to one post per week. As a foretaste, here are some topics that I would like to talk about in the near future:

  • Further application of geometry shaders (cube rendering and some more nifty tricks)
  • AMD tessellation demo with practical use cases
  • WebGL, COLLADA and other good to know stuff regarding to portable graphics
  • Physics and rigid body dynamics
  • More info about some of the best unit test practices
  • C++ messaging and state machines
  • Maybe some further development software reviews

As the final word: thanks for being interested!