Almost a week ago I was talking about the problems with the server on which my blog is stored and I promised that it will be put to another server at least on Tuesday in order to not have any troubles with the reachability of the site. Unfortunately, due to environment problems this actually happened only during last night. Anyway, I am happy that the migration is over now and I hope it won’t happen again.

Since my last post on the topic things got even worse as in the last few days I observed several hours of outage. This was partially due to the fact that on Tuesday, on the day when the hosting service provider originally planned the migration of my site, one of the hard drives of the old server crashed. It seems that I don’t have luck with these kinds of things. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see that the popularity of my posts didn’t suffer that much because of the former instability of the web-server behind the blog.

As an update about what articles can you expect in the near future, I already mentioned geometry shader based culling methods earlier. Now I was working on the demo application for this upcoming topic in the last few days and it still need some time but next week or latest the week after the next week I will post the article about the technique and also publish the demo application with full source code.

Till then I will present some other technologies that I would like to cover during the lifetime of this blog, like WebGL, OpenCL and others. These will be more like introductions to the different domains and more specific subjects will most probably presented later. Also I would like to recap on the topic of managed languages and introduce some more advanced C++ quasi language extensions.

Finally, still looking forward to know what you would like to read about.