I started my blog about two weeks ago but already met some problems regarding to the availability of the site. It happened a few times that there was some problem with the Apache Server at the hosting company. This resulted in some short down times of the blog itself. I was saying that “okay, this is not that big problem” so I accepted the barely limited up-time of the server. But today something much worse happened. The server was down for hours, I don’t even know for how much time so I decided to make some action to prevent such problems in the future.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the discomfiture of all of my well respected readers as it probably made many of you annoyed to get an error message instead of the content of the page. I hope that irrespectively of the observed down times most of my old and new visitors have successfully reached my blog.

Anyway, I made the needed actions to prevent such problems in the future. The site will be moved to a different server until Tuesday and I wish that will solve all the technical troubles and from then the only problem that a reader of my blog can met will be related only to the content of the page but I hope that most of you can find some useful information in the articles anyway.

By the way, this is maybe the best time to encourage you to send me ideas and topics what you would like to see on the blog. Of course, if you come up with cooking ideas then probably not I am the most competent person to talk about it, but everything related to programming, graphics and related topics is welcome!

Just as a foretaste, I will talk in my upcoming articles about the following topics:

  • Delegates, signals, messages and state-machines in C++
  • Advanced culling methods on the GPU using geometry shaders
  • My first impressions about WebGL
  • GLSL shader development
  • Some words about physics libraries

You can extend this list easily with your own list if you send me an e-mail to daniel.rakos@rastergrid.com. I am willing to share as much information as I can.

And one more thing: I would like to encourage you also to write comments on the articles even if your perspective is different from mine. We don’t have to agree, to be honest, I like to argue about any subject because I believe that it is the most natural way to improve both the knowledge of others and ourselves as well.