The blog reached 100.000 visitors!

I am happy to announce that today, little more than a year after the start, the blog reached 100.000 visitors. I would like to thank you for all the people who visited, commented and helped the evolution of the site!

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Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !!

After a quite long, about two months intermission, let me celebrate for a moment the birthday of the blog. It was roughly a year ago that I started the RasterGrid Blogosphere with the wish to have a forum where I can share my experience and ideas with others. Meanwhile, I posted several programming related articles about graphics, multiprocessing and published a few demo applications. However, this is not the best part of it… The thing that I’m most proud of is that the blog now has many returning visitors whom I was somehow able to help and that I’ve received a lot of feedback and ideas from you. I’m especially pleased because the list of people who contacted me via the comments section or via e-mail contains several great personalities of the industry with who I wouldn’t be able to meet if I would not start this project. Thank you all for this!

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